Treating neurological disease with diet

Recommended books

  Recommended book
Epilepsy and the Ketogenic Diet
Edited by Carl E. Stafstrom, MD, PhD and Jong M. Rho, MD
Humana Press (2004)
386 pages

This is the standard textbook about the ketogenic diet. Written by 42 leading researchers and clinicians in the field, it covers both science and clinical practice. This book is indispensable for people who want a thorough, academic-level overview of the current state of knowledge about the ketogenic diet. (The fact that the book is about epilepsy doesn't limit its scope, because nearly all research about medical applications of ketosis has been done in the context of epilepsy.)

  Recommended book
Ketogenic Diets: Treatments for Epilepsy and Other Disorders
Eric H. Kossoff, John Freeman, Zahava Turner, and James Rubenstein
Demos Heatlh (Fifth edition, 2011)
300 pages


  Recommended book
A Study of Prolonged Fasting
Francis Gano Benedict
Carnegie Institution (1915)
455 pages